Biotech Start-Up Adaptive Biotechnologies Looks at Innovative Diagnostic Kits, Including MRD

Seattle-based company Adaptive Biotechnologies developed a new test for doctors to test for MRD in blood cancers. The biotech start-up developed the system, called clonoSEQ, has already been cleared by the FDA for multiple myeloma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. They plan to submit the test to the FDA for chronic lymphoblastic leukemia as well. 

The company has a partnership with Microsoft working on new technologies that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help sequence the human immune system. In 2017, the companies signed an agreement to create a universal blood test that would allow doctors to read your immune system and identify which diseases your body is fighting. The project, immunoSEQ project, will allow doctors to "hack" into a person's immune system. 

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Tags: MRD, Adaptive Biotechnologies

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