Dr. Lia Gore Discusses Bispecific T-Cell Engagers in Pediatric ALL Research

In this episode of ASTCT Talks, we sit down with Dr. Lia Gore, professor of pediatrics in hematology-oncology and bone marrow transplantation and co-director of the Developmental Therapeutics Program at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. Dr. Gore was the co-investigator on the AALL1331 trial and led the preceding open-label Phase 1–2 trial, AALL1121, which was the first to demonstrate the antileukemic activity of single-agent blinatumomab in children with relapsed or refractory B-ALL. We talk about her research and how the trial signals future research of bispecifics in pediatric care.

Tags: astct, oncology, hematology, ALL, B-cell, bone marrow transplant