Every Step Taken: My Final ASTCT President’s Message

Wow, this is my last written note to you as ASTCT president. I am beyond excited to see many of you in Orlando or virtually at our Tandem meetings in a couple of weeks.

My family and I are making guesses at what my daily Tandem step count will be, as I make my way to as many sessions, receptions and exhibit hall visits as possible!    

Tandem is going to be bittersweet for me, with every step I take. Each will be the culmination of so many steps taken during my presidency, steps taken by so many others in our community, and of course so many exciting steps ahead.

I reflect on one of my first written messages to you – when I completed my pilgrimage walk from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain – 394,044 steps. I said in that article, “every step counts.” Now I am already reflecting, with deep gratitude, on every step taken.  

I reflect on that same message – what a year in making ASTCT steps count! And I give gratitude for every step taken.

  • We gained 328 new members in 2022 across all our membership types, bringing our total membership to over 3,700 individuals!
  • We reached a total of 2,735 podcast listeners! The ASTCT Talks podcast was heard in 29 countries, in the top 20% more shared globally and was in the top 15% most followed podcasts.
  • We reached 10,226 Twitter followers by the end of 2022.
  • We addressed inequity in cellular transplantation through the ASTCT-NMDP ACCESS Initiative and through our podcast “Celebrating Advocacy Efforts, Overcoming Barriers and Addressing Inequity in Cellular Transplantation.”
  • We redesigned our content hub, Nucleus, to make timely topics in BMT more apparent and accessible to visitors.
  • There were many accomplishments from our dedicated SIGs. Our Committee on Cellular Therapy published two manuscripts for the ASTCT journal.
  • The Committee on International Affairs launched their inaugural ASTCT Observership program, so an international trainee from a lower middle income or low income country will have the opportunity to learn more about the BMT and cellular therapy practice in the U.S.
  • The HCT Value and Health Economics SIG launched a webinar series to highlight research in the value and health economics space, to name just a few!
  • We published five clinical guidelines, with ten more in progress.
  • Along with volunteers from across ASCTC committees, SIGs and the Board of Directors, we established a new strategic plan for 2023-2026.

Thank you for the honor of serving as ASTCT’s president. I’m incredibly grateful for the ASTCT volunteers and community who drive our Society forward. On any given day, I know that steps taken may feel like a marathon or a sprint. Some days, it’s simply the strength needed to put one foot in front of the other.  

No matter the day, our amazing ASTCT community has shown me that every step taken counts.

With gratitude,


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