Giving Thanks and Giving Back

We are quickly approaching American Thanksgiving – a day known for its tradition of gathering and sharing gratitude. Our colleagues in Canada celebrated Thanksgiving last month. No matter where we are in the world, it’s important to take time and give thanks every day – for our friends, family and colleagues.

Giving Thanks

As someone who is both Canadian and American, I get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice, and still feel it is not enough! Reflecting on the past months of my ASTCT presidency, just two days of gratitude in October and November doesn’t seem adequate. I give thanks for our incredible ASTCT community every day, for the remarkable strides we are making in the field and as a Society.  

In particular, I am awestruck by the work of our ASTCT volunteers who give their own time and energy to make progress happen for each of us and the patients we ultimately serve. They are giving back in order to push us forward. My level of gratitude is immeasurable. Through the work of our volunteer committees and SIGs, ASTCT has provided education and training; we have connected our mission with organizations and communities all over the world; we have advocated for the science and treatments we provide.

You will hardly believe the number of accomplishments from ASTCT volunteers so far this year! They are too numerous to mention all herein, but take a glimpse at some of these. And you can click here to see even more examples of the work coming through from our volunteer groups.

Among our many accomplishments, here are just a few:

Giving Back

As you can see, ASTCT’s volunteer community is moving us ahead! So much gratitude to our volunteers for their time, their unity, their passion. Again, they give back to push us forward.

Would you like to join us in giving back?

ASTCT has a new, convenient online form for volunteer sign-up. This form allows you to express your interests and willingness to volunteer with ASTCT.

I know we all lead busy lives. But, let me tell you that serving as a volunteer leader for ASTCT is one of the most rewarding honors I’ve ever experienced.

Thank You

Wherever you may be reading this message, allow me to simply say thank you. I celebrate and give thanks for you every day and for all that is to come for ASTCT.

With gratitude,


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