“Impressive” Results for Investigational BiTEs Seen in Phase 1 Myeloma Studies

In a recent interview with OncLive®, Nina Shah, MD, a hematologist-oncologist specializing in multiple myeloma (MM) at the University of California, San Francisco, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, discussed “impressive” phase 1 trial results reported at recent scientific meetings for two investigational bispecific T-cell engagers.

Interim results of a phase 1 dose-finding trial of the BCMA 2+1 T-cell engager CC93269, reported at ASH, showed a manageable safety profile and promising efficacy, including MRD-negative stringent complete responses, in patients with heavily pretreated relapsed or refractory MM (RRMM). A phase 1 trial of teclistimab, a humanized BCMA x CD3 bispecific antibody, reported at ASCO, demonstrated manageable safety across all doses and a 78% overall response rate at the highest weekly treatment dose in patients with advanced RRMM.

Some patients experienced cytokine release syndrome with the first dose, said Shah, but recurrence of this adverse effect on subsequent doses was rare.

  • Investigational Immunotherapies Elicit Unprecedented Responses in Relapsed/Refractory Myeloma


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