Join ASTCT at the RITN Workshop in July

Have you been watching HBO this spring? No we are not talking about Game of Thrones, but something much more pertinent to the cellular transplant community. HBO released a five episode mini-series about the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. If you have not seen it - it's worth watching. It is an accurate and chilling reminder of what can happen as a result of a radiological disaster.

In the US since 2001, there has been an intense emphasis on preparing the US for a similar radiological disaster which could result in casualties who could develop Acute Radiation Syndrome and would require care by the members of ASTCT. One organization working to help prepare the nation is a partner of ASTCT, the Radiation Injury Treatment Network (RITN).

RITN is comprised of medical centers with expertise in the management of bone marrow failure which are preparing to care for patients with Acute Radiation Syndrome following a mass casualty disaster. Since 2006 RITN has held semi-annual workshops to bring researchers and emergency planners together to expand each groups understanding and preparedness for a radiological disaster.

RITN is holding the 2019 RITN Workshop: Crisis in context: Minding the Gaps in Medical Preparedness for a Rad/Nuke Incident (July 30-31, 2019) at the DoubleTree, Crystal City, VA. Through its long standing partnership with ASTCT, RITN is offering a 20% discount on registration for members to attend. Register here or see the workshop flyer for more information.

ASTCT Members: For more info about how to receive a 20% discount, email info@astct.org.


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