Navigating Intersectionality in GVHD and Transplant Medicine

In this latest episode of ASTCT Talks, we sit down with Associate Professor Nada Hamad, senior staff specialist in bone marrow transplant, and a clinical and laboratory hematologist at St. Vincent’s hospital in Sydney, to explore the impact of intersectionality on graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) in transplant recipients. She dives into how gender and race can compound biases in research, education, and clinical practice, affecting GVHD severity and outcomes. Further discussions center on the need for research into how age, socioeconomic status, and geographic region intersect with GVHD incidence and treatment strategies. In addition, Nada stresses the need to include social determinants of health in prognostic models to improve patient outcomes. She also advocates for healthcare professionals to create safe spaces and co-design solutions that integrate intersectionality into healthcare practices for patients with intersecting identities.


Tags: astct, GVHD

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