Never Too Old to Learn

Every fall, children young and old engage in the tradition of back to school. Normally, we would see kids lined up at the bus stop waiting to fill their malleable minds. But this year, many of us are in a different reality. Schools around the country are starting the year virtually and navigating how to create valuable experiences online in lieu of face-to-face interaction.

We as clinicians are also struggling with this, too. We thrive on in-person opportunities to learn and grow from one another. But as our conferences move virtual—ASTCT’s Fall Clinical Education Conference is now all-virtual—it’s a reminder that we all have the ability to adapt with the times. Right now, that means embracing online education for all—not just those still in school.

It’s why I’m excited about ASTCT’s new online Learning Center. This learning management system is designed to house all of ASTCT’s educational content in a way that is accessible for anyone, anywhere. It’s also a way to track what courses you’ve previously registered for, and give suggestions on what content you might be interested in based on your professional interests.

Lifelong learning opportunities enable us to be the best versions of our professional selves. Just as our kids are expanding their minds with concepts new and old, we too should look to ways to familiarize ourselves with cutting-edge cellular transplantation information and to brush up on important fundamentals.

ASTCT members have access to this educational repository and I encourage everyone to logon and give it a look. The ability to have all this at your fingertips is beneficial now more than ever.

So let fall be “back to school” for all of us. Happy learning!

Pavan Reddy, MD


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