The Evolving Role of MRD in Hematologic Malignancies

Jerald P. Radich, MD, recently sat down with OncLive to discuss how the role of minimual residual disases (MRD) has been impacted by clinical trials for hematologic malignancies. He said MRD measures the disease burden, and it can also be used in understanding how therapies work as opposed to others. 

"How we're using it now is to really define a response to therapy, not only to predict who is going to relapse but as a way to get an understanding how some therapies may be more kinetically active than other therapies. So this has really become an issue that's caught the eye of the FDA and regulatory agencies thinking that you can use MRD as an early marker of disease response in drug development trials." 

See the full interview here.

Tags: MRD, patient care

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