Titans of Transplant: Dr. Stephanie Lee

In the next installment of ASTCT’s Titans of Transplant series, Dr. Stephanie Lee is interviewed by Dr. Jennifer Saultz.

Dr. Lee shares her journey from Seattle to becoming a professor at Fred Hutch Cancer Center. The conversation highlights early motivations, challenges faced during fellowship, and the influence of her father's advice to always strive for the best. They also discuss Dr. Lee's groundbreaking work in chronic graft-versus-host-disease research, collaborative efforts, FDA-approved treatments, and the evolving landscape in the field.

The Titans of Transplant series seeks to recognize, celebrate and chronicle the physicians, researchers, pharmacists, nurses, social workers and more who were on the frontlines of the early days of transplant.

About Stephanie Lee, MD, MPH

Dr. Stephanie Lee (@StephanieLeeMD) is a hematologist and physician scientist who is Professor and Associate Director at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Dr. Lee works to improve the lives of blood stem cell transplant and bone marrow patients by better understanding the chronic form of graft-versus-host disease. Dr. Lee is the former President of the American Society of Hematology.

About Jennifer Saultz, D.O.

Dr. Jennifer Saultz (@jennifernsaultz) is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and physician scientist in the Adult Transplant and cellular therapy program at Oregon Health & Science University. Her research focuses on augmenting NK cellular therapy in myeloid malignancies. She is also a member of the ASTCT Content Committee.